A full length album of Americana-folk by Jennifer Leonhardt.


A full length album of Americana-folk by Jennifer Leonhardt.

“A master class in mournful music.”
-John Hawes, Americana UK

“Well out of the storms, occasionally, a rainbow, a bird singing to ya sweetly from the Tower of Song, the vision rising on weary eyes. My friend Helen Degen Cohen has a book called “On a Good Day, One Discovers Another Poet,” and sometimes it seems like there are not enough good days. But I had a feeling about this recording, even before I heard it, and well, this is something extraordinary. Poetic, forthright, redemptive songs.”
-Andrew Calhoun, Waterbug Records

“Minstrel’s Daughter is in such a unique place that I cannot imagine Leonhardt doing another like it, but possibly she already has. I won’t know for awhile. Sometimes an album comes along that you have to listen to until it is time to let go. This is one. I’m listening and I can’t let go yet. Sometime later, maybe.”
-Frank Gutch Jr., No Depression

“Neruda and the equally cello-heavy Dido serve an opening course of minimalist, atmospheric rural chapel folk before Make It The Mountain arrives, shuffling around on a brushed country melody, to be followed by the title track’s psych-blues jam, the vocals distant in the mix behind a wailing guitar almost like she’s singing to herself. Production values are largely non existent, but it does give the album a similar down-home cabin feel to the likes of Bon Iver and Co as Leonhardt’s strength with words and slowly beguiling melodies slowly work their magic.”
-Mike Davies, Net Rhythms (UK)

Released July 28, 2009

Produced & engineered by Jeff Rady & Jennifer Leonhardt
Recorded in Austin, TX at the kitchen table
Mixed & mastered by Matt Brown
Jennifer Leonhardt: vocals, acoustic guitar
Jeff Rady: acoustic, elec and bass guitars, vocals
James Bullard: acoustic, elec and bass guitars, vocals
Dave Townsend: drums
Dylan Rieck: cello
Sarah Stollak: violin
Robert “Doppler Bob” Schmidt: dobro, pedal steel

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