Ollllddd Blog here.

        • Jul 26, 2010


          Frank Gutch Jr reviews Minstrel’s Daughter; it was worth waiting for! Go have a look-see here: FAME review
        • Jun 22, 2010


          Sovereign, a new collection of songs recorded live and quiet in Brooklyn last fall, are released today and up on CDBaby and iTunes; go have a listen to samples here:iTunes
        • Jul 19, 2010


          NPR’s All Things Considered airs That’s What She Said: 700 Working Musicians Tell it Like it Is, including Jenn’s responses, check it out here:NPR
        • Jun 11, 2010


        • Jun 6, 2010


          new song up, and available to be downloaded to any genius who can figure out wtf myspace and fb are doing w their stupid apps this week. the lyrics, also, since most genius’ even won’t be able to find these on that fabulous new player out there, are posted below.

          the song was recorded in april in seattle with matt brown producing and the black market band backing (jeff fielding-lead, lindsay fuller-acoustic, rebecca young-bass, andy roth-drums).
          i hope we have an eco system left after the summer. one would be great.
          love to you all as always,
          o holy body water starry field of sky brother body christie wash my tears to run dry touch me where i can feel it come inside like an eventide make eventual the hurts around me but for now, just make me love and let me hide yeah hey yeah yeah hey hey hey yeah yeah shooting falling embers of our fathers they rain down along the edges of our earth and the fire’s light is slowly dying come breathe me back to birth hey hey hey yeah yeah comfort me till morning morning will be on us soon enough let the lingering nightfall milk and honey us through the rough hey hey hey yeah yeah every time the blood is falling, slowing and the stain’s spreading like a sigh and children from another country are waiting for another sunrise
          ps the stupid “Tell Us What You’re Playing” feature doesn’t work either, so here: i’m listening to lindsay fuller’s new release last light i see- it’s beautiful and you will love it.
        • Jan 26, 2010


          Check out the playlists on Fearless Radio to request Jenn’s ”Homeland”:http://www.fearlessradio.comAnd Jenn’s the Featured Artist this week over at Women In Music with Laney Goodman, out of Boston- check out the playlist and stream or tune in, the show is carried on nearly 100 national stations:

        • Dec 26, 2009


           crossroads bob will be playing some minstrel’s daughter tomorrow on the air at 92.3 FM in Spokane and surrounds, or streaming at— show the love and come on by 😉

          merry christmas, all, and such hopeful warm hopes for the coming year, may it be a peace-able gentle thing this new year.
          love, jenn
        • Dec 26, 2009


           A film about the unjust imprisonment of Leonard Peltier by filmmaker Preston Randolph will be released in 2010. The soundtrack will include music by Eric Anders, Matt Brown, Lindsay Fuller, Trespassers William as well as ‘Homeland’ and other original songs by Jenn.

        • Oct 5, 2009


          well, um, guess there’s reviews that are heavy-duty excited, some that aren’t. kinda like, some souffles work out, some don’t. i’m not a souffle-maker, as such, so i’m not speaking from experience, but i would think, it’s gotta be real important for the souffle to stand at attention when it’s done, for you to be pleased with it. same here, really, you gotta really like something to like it. i’m not sure this guy really super-liked the record, so, well, you see for yourself. not that he was mean or anything, no, i just think he might’ve liked guy clark’s cd worries, it was thoughtful to give it a listen. my ears would fall off my head if i had to listen to as much music as some of these folks do, so a person’s bound to get cranky and lose perspective (like, this is not guy clark). on occasion. he offered a very kind word about a particular song, tho, so, there’s that.;)to read the lukewarm souffle, go here.
          to buy the lukewarm record, go here.xo,
            • Andrew Calhounit’s not lukewarm. it’s British. he adores you.

              2 years ago

            • Crossroads BobJenn … I would be tempted to think that the reviewer gave your album one pass through the ear drums. To fully immerse through the layered arrangements one really needs to listen to it numerous times. That is what is so beautiful with this work. Each aural passing exposes more of not only the musical content and it’s construction but more importantly the heart and soul of the artist which penned it.

              Still top notch in my opinion ….. Rated *****!
              “Crossroads” Bob ;>)
              • Aug 19, 2009

                SEPIACHORD REVIEW UP

                hello folks,the sepiachord review is up online over here: jordan block was kind enough to take the time, go check it out. their playlists have been including songs from the album as well, and well, that’s just always super-nice. other library playlists include kyrs’ crossroads show, koop, krvm, the midnight special in chicago at wmft…….btw, i also blog. just in case you were low on blogs to keep up with ;)hope your august is wonderful,xo
              • Jul 24, 2009


                seems there’s another person on the planet as wild-eyed as myself (don’t take my word for it, tho), but really that’s just saying i take comfort in finding like-minded folk 😉

                andrew calhoun, for instance. anyway, he had the temerity to start this label awhile back and recently said such nice things about what i was doing with my music and was so gracious as to listen, that we decided to have me be part of the waterbug family- which is
                a huge honor, very good company, mighty fun, and a super really really good idea, as far as i can tell. so:
                i hope you’re happy for me and go and check out the work that all of his people are doing too. ‘mazing group of artists over there, check ’em out, and yay!
                minstrel’s daughter will get rereleased on their label shortly, check back 😉
                happy end of july, peoples
              • Jul 7, 2009


                Bob and I will be talking about the new release and various whatnot about the making of it,
                touring, band things, shaving versus wax, etc- join up for a late brunchtime seranade!
                Listen live if you’re in Spokane or stream online at www.kyrs.orgCrossroads Bob
                Facebook event pageBest,
              • Mar 11, 2009

                STEPHEN R. MCCARTHY MAY 4, 1952-MAR 11, 2009

                most old comrades have passed away

                new ones are hard to find
                they say that we’re in a time of war
                but when was there any other kind?
                light and dark, love and hate
                to some stand side by side
                but to those i’ve loved and who’ve loved me
                we’ve fought together in the great divide.
                (the great divide by stephen mccarthy 2008)Bloggie
              • May 9, 2009


                well, vermont anyway. 😉 have you noticed that airplanes are flying higher than they used to? in general, not just to fly over storm cells but i imagine, the traffic in the sky is considerable. aint that weird. traffic. if you look out the window and you’re flying at night, you can see the other lanes on the highway lit up by the headlamps on the other planes. mighty strange stuff, flying around like huge metal birds and all. juliet performed a piece called pistil that sets a whole new standard so, be lookin for her. chicky knows her stuff
                • Jul 9, 2008

                  radio wave 1190836478 (aliEN vanGUARd)

                  3:27 AM

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                • Jun 20, 2008

                  download songs on myspace music player

                  songs avail for downloading for rest of june here and on homepage.happy summer,xo
                  2:30 AM

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                • Jun 19, 2008

                  minstrel’s daughter advance copy- vive la revolution!

                  the mail list has details if you pre-ordered or signed up and for those who opted for the early-bird blue-plate special you should have pre-release copy before end of summer. meantime–stay cool. its hot out there!;)
                  10:06 PM

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                • Jun 15, 2008

                  listening party sunday 6/15 for KYRS 98.9 FM 1 PM Pacific Time

                  there’s this guy called crossroads bob who has this show which if you don’t live in spokane washington you might not have caught yet but they are playing a couple songs off the record at the top of the hour. here’s a link to the
                  stream the showstarts at 1 pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME
                  6:43 AM

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                • Jun 7, 2008

                  radio killed the video star

                  Ask for songs at any of these AAA stations:KGSR, KOOP, KUT, Sirius, XM, NPR, Acoustic Cafe, Hear Music, KCRW, WFUV, World Cafe, WXPN, WBAI, WNRN, KEXP- but those are just the fancy names in among many others.Mentioning the Casbah (San Antonio), KTAO (Taos), KOOP already 😉
                  May 28, 2008

                  NonCOMM Listening Party online- PS-PPPPSSS

                  Myspace, Facebook, Skype live listening party-c’mon down ;)Thursday May 29th
                  4-7 pmthere WILL be apple-bobbing, for sure.No, I am not selling copies of the sampler, btw, I dont think theyre for sale. But you can hound the program directors with ‘Homeland’ requests if you want 😉 or any other song, that would be totally fine by me!What was the other thing? Oh yeah, the MySpace/Skype IM thing is only for PC-ers, not Mac people, fyi. Just a wee little glitch, so you have to have Skype set up separately.

                  Get down!ok sorry, i forgot: yes, there are songs for download during the listening party, both on my website and here for the duration- til 7, all you can eat lobster bar. 😉
                  11:54 PM

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                        • stephanie cliftonhey jenn,worked myself to tears trying to find you…and i am a pc with skype. was very sad to have missed it. look forward to hearing about it!love steph

                          3 years ago

                    • Apr 25, 2008

                      Spring LISTENING PARTIES this weekend: its so on!

                      Spring LISTENING PARTIES this weekend: KOOP (Austin TX) and KTAO (Taos, NM)Sat 4/26 @ 5PM CST KOOP 91.7 FM program Up on the Download will be guest hosted by none other than Rockefeller J. (Rocky) Ruffhauser, who will be kicking off the show with “Here Comes Trouble” and Jenn will be online (myspace/facebook/IM-Skype-able) for the entire show- Come out for the party and give some love to a worthy radio station who have survived what you would not believe! Click here to stream the show.Sun 4/27 @ 4 PM (Mountain) KTAO 101.9 FM Radio’s Five Corners program w/ Richard DeStefano will be playing “Homeland” and other tracks off the album on today’s show. Join Jenn and her listening crew to stream the show. Who’s bringing the dip?
                      11:15 PM

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                    • Apr 18, 2008

                      Homeland out as a single at AAA radio in May

                      A Taste of Triple A Sampler CD 42 goes out to stations with Homeland on it. Listen for songs off the record at your favorite stations-and if you dont find em, call em up and ask for em! They should be playing on many of the national non-commercial and Triple A format radio shows so flip the switch while youre in traffic and see if you cant hear em.;)
                      Here comes summer!
                      11:18 PM

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                    • Apr 18, 2008

                      UK Release of Gods & Nations April 21st

                      Hi all!
                      The really great folks over at are going to be distributing the record in the UK and beyond-check out their site if you’re in England of thereabouts, they have some really good sounds up over there. And buy the durn record so they’re happy with us!
             herelove, Jenn
                      11:14 PM

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                    • Mar 19, 2008

                      MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER liner notes

                      Current mood:gratefulYou can now pre-order and donate to the next album, Minstrel’s Daughter, which gets released this summer. And if you do so, you’re name will appear in the liner notes.Pre-Order hereTHANK YOU for your support!!xo,
                  • Feb 26, 2008

                    dave grohl for prez

                    that’s right, i no lie. gotta say, a drummer would rule well. i mean, drummers rule. awesome, right? anyway, check it:dave for prez
                    9:54 AM

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                  • Feb 23, 2008

                    get yer vote on early, baby

                    what SHE said. Hillary Closes at the Presidential Debate in Texas 
                    12:31 PM

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                  • Jan 27, 2008

                    24 hrs, NOT the tv show

                    actually about that time to get your vote on if youre remotely interested 😉 i think its like til midnight wednesday. and look, no hard feelings if it doesnt happen, man. anyway, the song’s hovering at the, fingermark. wait, no, yeah! watermark? finish-line? whatever, vote if you wanna, there’s just ten of us. unless your gonna vote for the other guy and then, just save it, meanie.Turn Around 4 Me, by Jennifer Leonhardt on OurStageps this is totally gratuitous self-promotion. but i swear its for a good cause. let’s see: food, rent, shoes.
                    9:34 PM

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                  • Jan 23, 2008


                    HUGE human being. very very sad news. sending love to his lady and their waltzing mathilda.
                    12:36 PM

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                  • Jan 21, 2008

                    ron paul & roe v wade

                    ive had quite a few folks ask me about this so im posting where ive found him in his words, which btw, may be tough reading, but what ive understood is: the man is a constitutionalist and whatever his entire viewpoint is on the issue, he appears to be more dedicated to upholding a constitutional position (ie, there isnt a precedent so getting the fed out of the issue altogether) than in converting anyone to his obvious opinion on the issues themselves, which makes me more comfortable with the whole thing. that’s what i came away with from reading the different pages on this site on abortion. never an easy read, but you decide.ron talks roe v wadeps did you know you actually had to be registered republican in order to vote for him in the primary in some states? neat little trick there, i remember them doing that when jesse jackson was running, only that was democrat… awwwww, so cute! what will they think of next? finger-printing every voter? naww, never! we’re not criminals! oh, oops, that’s legislature that gets passed into law in may… hmm.
                    1:54 PM

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                      • Dec 30, 2007

                        happy new year/best of 2007

                        “leave taking”, Martha Hill dance/text/music/video/photography multimedia project by Juliet Tondowski, Nov 17th 2007. hands all the way down.
                        10:14 AM

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                      • Nov 29, 2007

                        november rain

                        have you heard this? im now a modest mouse freak.
                        7:22 PM

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                      • Nov 15, 2007

                        car wash fundraiser this sunday november 18th

                        “goin to the cah wash yeah”… i was asked to be a part of a really cool event this weekend, thought i’d invite you all to join me if you’re in town. sunday looks like a warm day–happy early thanksgiving! come get wet 😉
                        South Austin Music
                        1406 S. Lamar
                        Austin, TX 78704
                        903-646-3476″Will Taylor and Strings Attached along with other Austin musicians are coming together to host a car wash. This event will raise money to bring The American Roots Shows to local schools. This show is a fun and interactive program that covers genres such as rock, blues, jazz and funk. This is a great opportunity to show kids the diversity of American culture through music. This highly interactive show includes an introduction and hands on experience with the instruments and a question-and-answer period. This experience encourages children to express themselves through not only music but various artistic routes.Tell everyone at church to come with you to get their cars washed.”
                        4:08 PM

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                      • Nov 11, 2007

                        skypie gumdrop and the blue horizon

                        sorry? thats right. and that’s the shortlist. 😉 oh, relax, nevermind.
                        10:02 AM

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                      • Nov 8, 2007

                        neil young’s living with war songs page

                        ‘homeland’ is on there, and a bunch of other songs worth listenin to, go on, y’can do it, have a listen. jesse denatale’s on there, aaron gilmartin, hell, clapton and cale and crosby and nash and near. check it.
                        12:43 PM

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                          • Oct 15, 2007

                            wayall nayow

                            there’s good things ever’ where you look. 😉
                            4:53 PM

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                          • Sep 29, 2007

                            the shama lama in the rama lama ding dong

                            sorry? oTIS. anyway, sorry bout all the up and then down again and then back dates on this page–man, i aint no proper whatever that is 😉 but i assure you if it says were gonna be there singin, then we is. look for you there!
                            3:59 AM

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                          • Sep 11, 2007

                            the 11th of september

                            loving thoughts to everyone today– how much we’ve survived! intact!
                            6:27 PM

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                          • Sep 11, 2007

                            TOUR DATES posting

                            shortly. guys, seriously, who can handle the details?!?!!! im no tour manager, i can tell you–come to think of it, that’s what we need….hmm…. anyway, shortly, will be posting, im not lying, i swear. meanwhile,completely lusting after those american apparel shirt-dress things they keep flashing at me whenever im on here–those are good.check out for his sept 10th bloggie–he points the way to a great thing over there, good stuff happening… great perspective, and the not for sale campaign link……
                            12:47 AM

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                          • Sep 9, 2007

                            in wonderland

                            this woman absolutely rocks ass. period. which isnt really enough tribute to her live. period. she’s probably one of the best performers ive ever seen, completely lit–and ive seen a few people play. and she’s a humble, lovely lady to boot. make sure you dont miss seeing her if you get the chance.
                            11:37 PM

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                              • Aug 23, 2007

                                “…and THIS…”

                                …and THIS…..
                                10:28 AM

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                              • Aug 22, 2007

                                absolute beginners!

                                absolutely have to listen up to this! esp “this time”……
                                4:08 PM

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                              • Aug 21, 2007

                                old made new

                                the lovely karen rises again….
                                5:44 PM

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                              • Aug 6, 2007

                                how does it feel?

                                to be on your own, etc. the world according to bobby–
                                4:51 PM

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                              • Aug 5, 2007

                                dog days

                                listening to kaki play but good…
                                10:35 PM

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                                  • Aug 1, 2007

                                    birthday presents!

                                    listening to especially “such great heights” and “sodom, south georgia” on this record:
                                    4:46 PM

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                                  • Jul 22, 2007

                                    come 2 think of it

                                    have to still read this summer: plays- salome (which is a little weird), misanthrope (again), the mineola twins, eccentricities of a nightingale, the swan, oleanna–altho not sure how much mamet i can take right now. then, i plan to clean the gutters again because the rain down here is SO nicaragua man that the front door floods in if i dont get every leaf out of it. thought you’d like to know.
                                    2:04 PM

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                                  • Jul 21, 2007

                                    fair internet

                                    8:25 AM

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                                  • Jul 12, 2007

                                    jaco porn

                                    nuff sed.
                                    6:09 PM

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                                  • Jul 8, 2007

                                    maximum quarry

                                    next record. but anyway POP IS KING and also this dude:
                                    7:04 PM

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                                      • Jun 29, 2007

                                        but wait!

                                        11:48 PM

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                                      • Jun 29, 2007

                                        blogcritics review online now

                                        7:52 AM

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                                      • Jun 29, 2007

                                        changing up the songs

                                        i threw up a couple new ones from the record, hope you enjoy!
                                        7:47 AM

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                                      • Jun 19, 2007

                                        aint gonna fight in no rich man’s war

                                        definitely worth checkin out…
                                        6:21 AM

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                                      • Jun 12, 2007


                                        kiri te kanawa singing with the chicago symphony orchestra under george solti’s conduction on
                                        7:24 PM

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                                          • Jun 12, 2007

                                            listening in…

                                            …to little milton’s “more & more”, rufus and carla’s “nigthtime is the right time”, robert cray do “love gone to waste” and “ive got news” by
                                            6:08 PM

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                                          • May 31, 2007

                                            summat wunnerfull

                                            anyway, life should be a joy, no? try summa dis, esp his electric trio:
                                            5:56 PM

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                                          • May 26, 2007

                                            yeah baby

                                            so what’s not to do if you aint listenin? try summa john frusciante’s latest, esp “the past recedes”…..
                                            3:38 PM

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                                          • May 3, 2007

                                            tour dates coming

                                            well ok, so it’s taken forever, but if you only knew! and i know ive promised before but i will post em soon, soon as i get em, and then in the meantime, try on some amazing danielia (see previous post) or maybe shayne fontayne, or even someone juliet recommended:
                                            5:18 PM

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                                          • Apr 13, 2007

                                            (that’s my) perogative

                                            the new brittany. go, baby. yunhunh. (actually, didnt bobby brown write that?) in other news, jana hunter is playing dewey house tonight and gets to see the snow melt in vermont. how fair is that, please? 😉 and la has late rainfall, in anticipation of “june gloom”. man o man.
                                            5:10 PM

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                                              • Mar 24, 2007

                                                girl get yer record on

                                                actually, not singing that song but feeling distinctly surly.good friend of mine is reading the following book- follow his example:
                                                6:44 PM

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                                              • Jan 26, 2007

                                                candy baby

                                                working on new material, how funny to be january already–thought i’d be done by now! total confusion about tour dates at the moment: holy shit! we cant miss the world series, where will we be? will they have telly? (no joke, dude).ok, that’s all lies, here’s what’s really happening in the kitchen:
                                                4:10 PM

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                                              • Jan 14, 2007

                                                dr king’s birthday

                                                good day for singin!
                                                2:34 PM

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                                              • Dec 2, 2006

                                                french onion soup

                                                some people just know how to make it. knowwhatimean?
                                                5:10 PM

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                                              • Nov 19, 2006

                                                ordinary coffee

                                                it’s been days since my last starbucks. days, im telling you. the truth is, every morning sara starts me off with a made-to-order cappucino at the restaurant and frankly, ive made the switch. it’s not that i fell out of love, it’s just that, well, it’s here and you’re not. starbucks is wayyyy up hwy 27 somewhere out near a walmart and here, it’s delivered in a fat heavy white ceramic cup with excessive foam and nutmeg and chocolate on it. sometimes love is what’s available, baby. no i didnt mean it that way, but when it comes to coffee, love is where you find it. good book, by the way.
                                                11:51 AM

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                                                  • Nov 13, 2006

                                                    Tour dates upcoming

                                                    yeah, it’s been forever, new dates coming. meanwhile, the fishes swim and the birds fly–
                                                    8:46 AM

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                                                  • Oct 17, 2006

                                                    KRVL 94.3 FM in studio Friday Oct 13

                                                    hey, late posting–so what? we were getting word out about the show at Pampell’s and the lovely (hear her voice on air!) natalie steele hosting, great people over there–and thanks to faith and kat and carl for a great hookup!
                                                    11:15 AM

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                                                  • Sep 21, 2006

                                                    oops i erased the color on my page

                                                    i did. dont know how, but also dont know how to put it back! i didnt do it in the first place, some of us dont know how to change a tire.
                                                    6:58 PM

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                                                  • Sep 9, 2006

                                                    los angeles fuzzy slippers

                                                    not. cool and overcast, gorgeous after the desert. have i met some good folk along the way!listening to:Stephen McCarthythey dont have a link for him cause he isnt in amazon files. in fact, the record isnt out, but man, i listen to it every day. and darned if folks dont come along and hear it and ask hey how can i get a copy of that?! um, excuse me, whaddabout mine? but no, they want a copy of his disc, which isnt released yet but has a lot of folks waiting, and for sure more than me, and also, now some unnamed folks are saying they want to cover his song World Back Now and a couple others, but i get first dibs on …anyway, look for him. he’s out there.
                                                    9:38 AM

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                                                  • Aug 25, 2006

                                                    new orleans one year later

                                                    this city is waiting for help. get on it and dont wait. everywhere, folks wanting to go home. on the way here we listened in the car–guess what i got for my birthday:
                                                    8:00 AM

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                                                      • Aug 15, 2006

                                                        NEW SONGS UP

                                                        from the record so get your skanky on and have a listen! trouble with music is, once you open the lid there’s just too many really good things going on to stop, there’s the who and billie and stan and TRSs and stevie ray and pogues and pat and well you get the idea. in the car lately were listening to
                                                        8:40 AM

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                                                      • Aug 11, 2006

                                                        my birthday is coming yunhunh

                                                        i like my birthday. i am planning a big do: marshmallows, grapefruit, daylong hike, dancing, that’s right. dont forget to say happy birthday. do i have to tell you the date? come on. k. it’s next thursday.
                                                        5:51 PM

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                                                      • Jul 21, 2006

                                                        ps If you live in nyc

                                                        where its hotter than july right now, and you didnt go see mike doughty play the gap last night on 54th, youre just a dodo. you heard me, a dodo, like in alice in wonderland, that really dumb-looking, extinct bird, yup.
                                                        3:03 PM

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                                                      • Jul 21, 2006

                                                        Gods & Nations due Aug 24

                                                        1:44 PM

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                                                      • Jul 20, 2006

                                                        Seattle’s Matt Brown, producer

                                                        what’rya waiting for? if you need your record produced right, go see him. while you can! and check out his band @
                                                        • Jul 4, 2006

                                                          recording going well

                                                          getting tracks down. gonna be a ‘prisoner of the white lines of the freeway’ soon enough. happy independence day.
                                                          9:07 AM

                                                          • Post a comment…
                                                        • Jun 27, 2006

                                                          record-breaking heat

                                                          i admire a little out of control. seattle is hot right now! the record is happenin. folks here being very white are getting red. happy sunny commies in the pac nw, read all about it.
                                                          7:31 AM

                                                          • Post a comment…
                                                        • Jun 7, 2006

                                                          im never talking to toronto again

                                                          that’s it. nope. standby nonsense for NXNE, whatever dude. i will sulk until enternity. good thing i wasnt holding my breath. no way, forget it, man. that’s it.meanwhile, back in the sane world, jenn prepares for her day. the evils lurking outside in the city are forcing an early retirement but she’s still up for her daily run. if only her shoes weren’t missing….foiled!next week: the conclusion of our luckless heroine’s grapple with a world gone MAD!!!!!!!! [gizmo comics for gizmo girlz]
                                                          3:45 PM

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                                                        • Jun 7, 2006

                                                          theme time radio hour w/ bob dylan

                                                          10:24 AM

                                                          • Post a comment…
                                                        • Jun 6, 2006

                                                          roll on columbia roll on

                                                          the seattle international film festival and georgetown music fest were hoppin cause there was–yup, sunshine. right here in the pac nw. there’s a beach if you climb down the rocks forever nearby in a park, right on the sound. a very good bonus id say.the boys of Paul Starling ( from thousand oaks were rockin the aeliot show this am over brien and i were supposed to do a live version of the forrest and jenny scene where he asks her to marry him, but there was sound and video trouble in the studio and my roving report phone-in couldnt hear the lines properly so aeliot had to do it instead. such is to walk the dog. recording soon.
                                                        • May 9, 2006

                                                          vol 4 is coming out

                                                          yeah its only been a hundred and fifty years since i first mentioned it but the united state of americana vol 4 compilation with bobby bare and br5-49 and hooverville and–me! is coming out this month so go have a look at their website, the shuteye record peeps. good ole atlanta…
                                                          1:17 PM

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                                                        • Apr 30, 2006

                                                          a monkey’s uncle and other pesky problems with soufflee

                                                          what?????????nothin. sunday evening, late, tired. last night i was at this great dj house party and they know who they are! ive never seen a better collection of old records anywhere. ever. everyone is represented, wow! sometimes you just have to get out on the dance floor, baby.there was a crowd from hartford, very cool dudes, and they knew how to do the hustle, no kidding, among other things. i notice the ‘new’ house music is reggaeton whatever that is, and some chick was singing some groove that was reggae set to a song they used to sing at my girlfriend’s schule. her dad was a rabbi, rabbi krantz, and her name was chaia–life. she was very pretty and always doing the baddest things, and i always caught shit for it. not just cause my mama was a goy but somehow when it went down, and it always did, there i was, with goose feathers all over my chin in the henhouse. but it never mattered, chaia was worth it (and her brother was really cute). at schule, all the dads would get together and sing and dance around in a circle and we would get to ride along on their shoulders, laughing our heads off but not showing it. try that around a bunch of rabbis!now it’s a house-hit song, that. oy.i was in elysian park today when the lakers won 99-98 in the last few minutes of the game. downtown has been roped off all weekend, dont know if it was the staples center or what but there was a roar went up. that kobe is a warm-hearted fellow when he plays. dont know about his legal troubles.

                                                          im going to get an orange and go look at the sliver-moon. it’s a first quarter fingernail moon. i really love my new song, i’ve been singing it all day.

                                                          7:37 PM

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                                                        • Apr 22, 2006

                                                          and for a real pick me up

                                                          11:32 PM

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                                                        • Apr 17, 2006

                                                          come back to the five and dime, little sheba little sheba

                                                          somebody is having altogether too much fun at college, i can tell you, and it aint me. no sir, but i wont say who–have you seen all those pretty playmates and all? and nina singin about suger–unreasonable kind of fun obviously. but i wont name names, nope, just realize that there are others having more fun than me today. it’s all going on over we got sun, blue sky and whatnot. freeways, traffic, a chill in the evenings.  that’s my daily weather and traffic report. wish my ole tour gal was around to help make sense of things around here, i am no damn good at it! i’ve made quite a few people mad! not even meaning to. sigh.couldnt be happier. well, ok, if i was doing a daily 5-mile and playing really loud rock and roll ever’ night, but otherwise, nope. couldnt be.
                                                          4:17 PM

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                                                        • Apr 13, 2006

                                                          traffic, david mamet and the springtime

                                                          the nice thing about it is you really get to catch the views. Youre stuck at the terrible elbow of the 101 South and the 134–always a pain in the ass. but wait! there’s mt washington and the clouds are falling off it like a reluctant…etc etc. works me king’s was great. brief set but there was a bunch of whats david got to do with it? im gonna play the wife in “edmond’ over at the hollywood fight club theater on sunset next month and we’re rehearsing it now. i find most folks dont like to mix their metaphors but i cant help singing and the other, so i hope you can follow. the truth is, i dont like to mix my metaphors about other people–i like to know that my singers stay in their damn genre and the actors or whatever stay put, too. just doesnt really work that way. kristofferson or billy bob or lyle or whoever. just when you got your world in a straight line all your ducks go apeshit. whatryagonnado.cant record fast enough. hopefully will have the record together for the tour dates, which should be up in the next few weeks at the other website. which one? if you have to ask…enjoy the full moon but drive slower.

                                                          4:09 PM

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                                                            • Apr 1, 2006

                                                              ok, freak of nature

                                                              8:16 AM

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                                                            • Mar 31, 2006

                                                              strange bird

                                                              in the trees in downtown austin are the biggest birds you can imagine. i got there really early in the morning every day for a week cause i wanted to hear some good live stuff  at the radio tapings, and these birds were all going loudly when i would walk down cesar chavez–no is that the name? that’s la.. anyway up to the front of the hotel and these huge birds filled every branch. raucous. i asked this lady what they were and she told me but i forget.
                                                              i had to take shep to the park there too so he could be off his leash for a minute in this keepyourdogonaleashatalltimes world andpickupafterhimlikehesarajahorsummat. man o man.make sure to check out this guy and these guys. pointless to be left out in the cold.i used to listen to thelonious monk on the radio when i was in high school. i would lie in the dark and close the door and just listen to him talking about the whole thing, the highs and lows. how angry he was, and sad. there was a tall tree that stood outside and covered one of my windows; occasionally i would be interrupted by my brother climbing up it and in my window to avoid explaining where he’d been or why his eyes were so red.

                                                              i also loved the dances and then it was a modified hustle we were doing, even tho everyone else was dancing to madonna or m. jackson. i got an f in a dance class because i refused to choreograph a number to billie jean. i told the teacher to turn the tv back on if she wanted to see that done well–i had a great rick james song i wanted to use. its hard when youre a pain in the ass.

                                                              11:14 AM

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                                                            • Mar 28, 2006

                                                              holy rollers, batman, awful good to be back

                                                              los angeles is wet, cold and covered over today and i love her totally. dang danang nang nang, glad. crossing the country we hit every biblical possibility of weather except for locusts and the plague, and i think those were just behind us as we sped westward. us this time was just me and shep, sigh, yes, the lonely singer-without-a-fucking-band, darnit. that’s it. somethings got to be done.meanwhile, if you’re looking for a decent fish taco in the white neighborhoods–the really good food is still hidden from me– go to burrito king at hyperion and rowena in silverlake, or the corner of vermont and  sunset at the carwash and starbucks in los feliz. i can definitely recommend them.spent the afternoon getting a sunburn with steph and amos at the calabasas farmers market on sunday. we were flush with avocadoes and lemons and the sky was pure california storm. thank god for being home.

                                                              2:13 PM

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                                                            • Mar 7, 2006

                                                              come on over for new songs

                                                              Right over hereRecorded with levitate out of Atlanta, check them out…yes, the hot borscht was amazing. i am strangely nosatalgic about everything, oh my god, i think i might be happy.
                                                              3:01 PM

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                                                            • Mar 5, 2006

                                                              shows at the mint, the whiskey, knitting factory, bb kings/hollywood, etc

                                                              home again home again–but not till the end of the month! and then, home again, home again! specs are forthcoming, and wont it be fun to see the hood again, if you can call it that.planning a homecoming party for me? dont forget to email the details so i can show. otherwise, check back here for new songs shortly…spring around the corner, hang in.

                                                              4:00 PM

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                                                                • Feb 17, 2006


                                                                  some days you can stand the capitals and some days you just cant. at least i get purple hair in the poster!
                                                                  8:39 AM

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                                                                • Feb 9, 2006

                                                                  i now bloggie here

                                                                  3:32 PM

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                                                                • Feb 9, 2006

                                                                  some days the thing to do is

                                                                  get ahold of a jar of really good pasta sauce and eat the thing whole with a spoon. i recommend anything with mushrooms.short of that, things have been interesting here in brooklyn. come and read about it here…..

                                                                  2:57 PM

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                                                                • Jan 30, 2006

                                                                  a tree grows in brooklyn

                                                                  in the little funky yard behind my apartment. i was raking up on sunday. there was a whole mess of debris and leaves, and then it started to rain, but i think i can just make out where to put pots of rosemary and where to wrap twinkly lights or something so’s a bbq back there or whatever will be lit. there was a cafe in my old hood in la that had these guys come out and professionally wrap their trees in cords of little bulbs that made it all very magical altho it was pure funk.
                                                                  the overpasses are monsters. at 4:15 the traffic started on them, and my street is a little convenient uturn so folks went rushing by. but everyone seems so nice and since it’s a foreign country i’m making a definite effort to try and learn the language before i panic seriously about anything.
                                                                  how odd it all is. my jury is out. i am a nervous nelly.
                                                                  12:27 PM

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                                                                • Jan 27, 2006

                                                                  what i will miss about the upper west

                                                                  nothing after all except a cowbell, a shakey-shakey thing from mexico– maracas!, drumsticks, amps, mike stands, imported mexican classical guitars, a brick wall, a horse stable across the street with all the hay and horse shit on fridays, the flamenco studio across the street where you can here the drums all hours and the dancers having a time, a neighborhood school with a truly excellent monkey bars for after hours (4pm-6am), a really nice branch manager at the bank, running the same streets over and over again. creature of… new things now.
                                                                  9:41 PM

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                                                                    • Jan 27, 2006

                                                                      loser posting friday night @ 9:30

                                                                      yes, i am happily: alone! but not totally happy for that, since i also like people as much as….hmm. actually today has been shit, so i no lie. i’m happy to be alone but not for the right reasons.
                                                                      o my god tomorrow’s the day. moving day. every single major thing in life is faced alone, did you know that? no major event, and i mean the ones that are major to us in the privacy of our own hearts, is ever faced in the great company of Those Who Agree and Back Us Up. hell no. we walk the last mile alone, carrying anything we can still carry in our own arms at the pace we can go. if you’re 18, or nearly 19, never mind. you think i’m a babbling idiot who’s interestingly jaded, and: you’re wrong, but i love you for it. i used to think the same thing and you’re supposed to. i love that, actually (and here i ramble cause i can) i love it that we are supposed to ripen only in time, only over years and at such exquisite individual and secular rates. goddamn! that’s marvelous.
                                                                      i am, however, still an idiot. my poor dog has not been walked. i have to still vacuum everything and leave it nice for when —– gets back and takes over his own place again. i have not been the best subletter, admitted. i have: spent many hours, just working, mostly sad, because that is how i am, and even though i have tried to remember to burn incense and sage and stuff in keeping with the true resident, i have failed to fill the place with anything but intent and horrible humanness. by which i mean, sadness. hopefully he will forgive me and smudge all he likes to be rid of me. i did keep his plants happy.
                                                                      brooklyn is another country. did i mention that? it really is. there is no crossing the east river and not knowing that. when you rise and see over the warehouseoverpassbridgesandslums you know you are in maybe belgium. maybe …hmm. brighton. england is a third world country, dont let anybody tell you otherwise. so: i am moving away tomorrow. and im so scared! i miss my verdant hills of silverlake which i have banished myself from! i miss the cool stupid sunglasses of glendale blvd and alessandro way and what’s that little thai place on the bottom of the hill someone used to take me to a hundred months ago? i cant even remember. it was so ubercool that i am instantly too jaded for everything and therefore innocent again!
                                                                      sacred fools theatre and trader joe’s and zen sushi and the most incredible diner in the world at the corner of glendale and hyperion–jesus. i am old. i cant remember the name. and by the way: old means: lived. yes, lived. i have lived too many things you dont want to know in the meantime to remember any of the details of all that.  it’s a great diner all the same, with very excellent root beer floats which i am partial to.
                                                                      and now to seriouser things. i have bought a new newspaper. even, a famous one. so this one has a picture that catches my eye even tho i have tried to stop drinking coffee this week –can you imagine!– there are a row of palestinian boys seated along a wall, much like the wall dividing tijuana from america– they are seated there, above a row of posters of palestinian opposition leader campaign artists, in front of a view of posters of israeli delegates. queer, literally. opposing, should be good, like men and women, the i ching, the tao, east and west. somehow, we are all at war, goddammit. why the fuck is that?

                                                                      8:12 PM

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                                                                    • Jan 21, 2006

                                                                      the thing you have waited forever for

                                                                      i never took a single shot of my time in paris. after years of slut-photography, gratuitous, gleeful overspending in the picture by picture announcement of all my amazement about what life had to offer, i decided:

                                                                      not one picture. it was too beautiful. how do you describe the thing you have been waiting all your life to see? how do you account for a thing like ‘winged victory’? there is no accounting. there is no other thing. the rue st honore. the parc. the tour. l’arrondissment 14ieme. coffee in just the right size and wieght ceramic. it’s like the sex that was intended since the beginning of time–have you had that? now of course i regret it and wish i had evidence to look at. i completely love gratuitous photography esp that shoots simply where the eye falls, and if it’s someone whose eye falls in interesting places so much the better.

                                                                      like my dog. he lies, exhausted, whining in dreams, finally spent by a single afternoon’s attendance at the dog park that his neglectful owner has deprived him of for way too long. criminal long. terrible long. and he is the best protector of me since my mom’s house!

                                                                      there is no other thing like the thing you have been waiting for.

                                                                      my daughter agreed: no pictures. so we took. none.

                                                                      it was the summer of 2002. not an easy summer at all. i was supposed to be shooting coverage of the location out at  the lighthouse in roscoff on the brittany coast for a feature we are going to shoot, my ex and i. but we were beginning the long descent of ending our life together and nothing could make him stay on course. even though i wrote all day long drafts in my girlfriend’s apartment overlooking the eiffel and blasting “masterjammer” to get through long pages of what’s his face james joyce. i was converting molly bloom into a screenplay of erotic proportions. it was not going well, not the screenplay but getting it done. it was a hot july and august after a summer when people all over france had died from a sudden heat wave that no one was prepared for, like they are in southern california. we ate lots of watermelon from north africa and i stared at the face of someone i thought i had known but didn’t.

                                                                      the sidewalk in paris is beautiful. the smell, the dirty cafes, the cigarette butts. everything. i took no pictures. i am a crazy, crazy person, says my daughter, and even though she agreed with me then of course she is right. however:
                                                                      *she still wears the brilliant mustard-colored scarf that she first saw in a market there but we couldnt afford and  remembered it still two years later when it was given to her by a friend.
                                                                      *a busride into the centre when lance armstrong was taking the L’arc de Triomphe for the upteenth time, and we were hot and irritated and i wasn’t speaking to her dad (i’m that way). the grass was unbearably green. the colors impossibly, irrelevantly-important.

                                                                      today it was warm in manhattan. i talked to my dad, who, inexplicably, is on the west coast, while i am here. my dad is generally glued to being home in manhattan. i lost it several times, at my dog for dragging me down the sidewalk in his haste. at the post office, for diverting a really important parcel back to me five weeks after it had been sent. everybody seems to be on the west coast what the living fuck am i doing here? except–

                                                                      what a really great day it has been and i have always been the very luckiest girl. how the things we love, last!

                                                                      5:14 PM

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                                                                    • Jan 20, 2006

                                                                      because i would not stop for death he kindly stopped for me

                                                                      i find hilarious the hypocrisy of the katrina hounds who want to get up on the leg of the nearest (any) bandwagon that might bring them attention in the name of philanthropy and hump away for all they’re worth. i remember distinctly the hordes on country music tv and all the other stations and programs–you know them. i remember watching –and i dont even watch tv this was in a checkout line or at a newstandasking directions– as Personality after Personality climbed on for the ride that, save tsunamis and earthquakes and any other natural-disaster-because-it-didnt-require-professing-a-political-party-stance-cause- ya-sure-dont-want-to-take-that-kind-of-chance-in-this-climate, was the best damned free pr money could buy.

                                                                      on page b1 of the metro section there’s mention of three homeless men who died from exposure last weekend. this is the same paper i got on mlk day, it takes me awhile to get through it. one, im not often at the kitchen table to sit down to read it and two, i take the paper seriously as a rattlesnake or a liar. im trying to remember what i was doing last weekend that kept me from taking all the extra bedding outside.

                                                                      4:43 PM

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                                                                    • Jan 18, 2006

                                                                      and on a personal note

                                                                      i have decided to go back to brown.

                                                                      i have shamelessly enjoyed making a girlfriend of mine crazy because i have let my dark roots become a veritable mohawk down my part and this is something which isnt done in hollywood. every highlight is in place (this goes for guys too which forgive me really puts me off) along with waxingbuffingpolishingandairbrushingallforthelowlowpriceof89.99andanyremainingevidenceofyourindividuality.

                                                                      anyway, i have delayed the changeback because i am having fun being in another town where nobody really knows me and i have no idea what the rules are on dark roots and dont care. you get your kicks where you can in this life.