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eiji oue conducting the osaka philharmonic orchestra.

what’s his god? who’s his nation? affiliations? memberships? status? zodiac sign? who cares!

total triumph of the human spirit. i love this guy. he should conduct this during sessions in the House and Senate, and make the senators and reps stand up while they discuss things like american lives and war and things. i figure a little dancing on the Floor would prevent accidental stupidity and inadvertent lapses of empathy, dont you?

even tho, i think, maybe, if i may: holst failed to resolve jupiter, as if anybody could: at about the 5th minute, he fails to resolve, but where do you go?? i want to hear the music of what happens really, after the 5th minute of this movement… but still! this is my choice of favrite musical pieces to conduct with vocal orchestra, this is it.