storms gathering up along the coastline every day, just for a downpour. the frogs are going haywire every evening, and we keep eating the same soup, but those are not things to complain about.


jeff called from the road, in albuquerque: apparently there are many things you can have tattoo’d on your body that actually avoid the requisite regret, like instead of “betsy” you can go for “your name here” instead. ‘course if you think that sort of thing’ll fly with yer lady, think again. but he’s playing shows out there and we’re wrapping up the transfers here.


tomorrow is alice’s birthday so am off to make aduki brownies. and a reviewer from belgium didnt like the record. he said (had to translate from the original language, and i quote): “sufficient artistic ways, but the music only excessive doenerij difficult. more rope is a basic song with an acceptable body, head and tail.” i dont think that’s any sort of way to talk about other people, do you? mind you, dont blame the reviewer for sounding like an idiot, blame google-translater, a great tool if you dont mind being confused. perhaps the poor fellow thought he had heard music like this before? anyway i appreciate that he took the time to listen. that’s what polite people from texas by way of england say đŸ˜‰


prepping set list for a show coming up, thinking to sing only songs with an acceptable body, head and tail.