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back in december i flew back from new york to record or re-record a song i wrote with a very talented dude a couple years ago. we had been asked to put it down for this anr dude who had liked it, but it was much later and a record in between and late, so we had to get it down. so we did with this really nice engineer over at 5th st and it was so surreal, sunset on new year’s eve and just off the plane and plans for a bite over at the blue dahlia but later, on my porch, i watched the sky change for a bit. ive said before, austin is about as nuts for fireworks display as anywhere ive been.

working on too many projects at once. but loving it. everything takes way longer than it should in my timeline, im ready to move on years before things actually happen– but shit’s real, so there you have it.

i totally have caught dyslexia or something, i notice i am reversing some letters in writing that i never used to do, totally wierd. or is it weird? i cant remember anymore and only remember to feel rhythm and harmony and heat. been taken over by necessity, who is my mama.