these are murals on the side of the victory grill on the eastside of austin… fyi.

so chinese democracy got panned by the times today, after all that time money and effort. how rude! makes a person nervous to get reviews, but i havent heard any of the record yet. 17 years, dude! i thought my marriage was a long time! wow. and also ry cooder takes a trip through the mojave and all his retrospective, jennifer aniston talks about going to the rudolf steiner school in nyc and how she wasnt allowed to watch tv either, and david lynch apparently is reporting the weather from his painting studio in la via the internet– and discussing the vast ocean of consciousness in each of us. see if i ever open the sunday times again, usually they just sit there in a blue plastic bag for weeks before getting designated to the window washing department unread. ok: i actually do open them, remove the book section, the magazine, the headlines and maybe the arts but i dont ACTUALLY read them they just decorate the coffee table.




on the other hand. our very own vice president is being indicted in a prison-income, abuse of prisoners scheme, and the french are considering bringing charges of bribery, money-laundering and misuse of corporate assets in another pretty halliburton situation, this time in nigeria. all’s i can say is, in the upcoming election, let’s make sure to help our leadership lead this time around, shall we?