so. the records up on the austin music download site, but NB! NB! (cant remember the last time i saw those initials: nota bene (abbreviation) meaning to take special note (used to precede a written note). [ORIGIN: Latin.]):these are samples online only until the next few days when the whole thing’ll be uploaded in final form. they’re going up one at a time but just wanted to get the samples up and the lovely folks over at AMD have been mighty patient and kindly about our drawn out release… 😉


[NB: The finals are up at, 12/1/08]


anyway, here’s the links to the music, keep your shoes shined and your nose in the air!

i have the good fortune to be working with some very precise and exacting people on this thing and good thing- Jeff Rady, producing and Matt Brown mixing/mastering,- you might be listening to mud otherwise. if you’re listening. and if you’re not—why not?! some good shit on there, people who know how to make sound sound good. im super happy about it, but hang tight, the finals’ll be up here shortly.


meantime again, it’s freezing! had to bring my potted geranium, my paris red, in and set it down in the living room so it would survive. i dont know if it’s a biannual or perennial but frankly im performing a ghoulish experiment and hoping to make it last a long time. it’s bursting red flowers at present thanks to this mild november–well, not mild anymore. what i want is overflowing window boxes, man, and digitalis and belladonna and hypericum and lavendula and rosamarinus officinalis. dude. and buttercups and dandelions. hell yeah.


plus, and dont forget: this sunday over on 89.9 FM KYRS out of spokane washington (that’s or, crossroad bob will be doing a show on (capitol letters here) Emerging Independent Artists, which a great turn of phrase and he is kind enough to include some tunes of mine in there- so join us on sunday at 1 PM PST (that’s west coast time, apply your differences as needed) for some new music and i’m making the pancakes. oh, and coffee.