dave (townsend, drummer) and jeff (rady, guitars/producer) a lil apeshit after long sessions but still good to go. nearly done!!! dave and i played shows down in south padre, great people down there: esp sandyfeet (thank you, lucinda!! always such a welcome from you, lovely lady).

so i finally cleaned my house this weekend, first time really in six weeks. serious. dust bunnies and just dust, and i used the times sports section from back in sept to polish up the bathroom glass. i like to move everything around quarterly so its something i do anyway thoroughly when the season changes but this was major overdue. i have some amazing immune boost emergen-C my mom sent me, awful to taste but definitely cheerful-making once you get past that.


we’ve been slogging away on this thing, getting finals down. all weekend i kept remembering matt talking about zeroing out the mixes on the last record, and ….. well. cooliosis.