weather, maybe. rain in fact. first rain since early may. let it bleed!


so we sang ‘rachel corrie’ and ‘you were right’ from loy’s collection of songs for the haam show. theyre amazing songs, you should check out his record called stories from joe’s, worthwhile songwriting for sure. listen to ‘why’ and ‘a rendition’, the first about 9/11, the second about the guantanamo disasters. rachel corrie is an actual person, a peace activist, who stood in front of bulldozers down on the gaza strip when the israeli army came in to tear down the settlements; they buried her. the strength of the song is such that i didnt even know about rachel corrie or any of all that when i first heard, just that the song had moved me hugely. dont know where you can find copies of the record except go look up doppler bob on myspace, he played the lapsteel and dobro on it and he’ll hook you up. but here’s rachel. and also in her own words.