(photos courtesy of bob schmidt)

roy michaels died a couple weeks ago and there was a memorial service for him here in town last week, celebrating his life and his music. he played with catmother and the all night newsboys band back in the sixties (you can read his full bio on his website at and played with all kinds of folks like guitarist amos garrett, maria muldaur, stephen stills, richie furay, and great speckled bird. you can check out the catmother band publicity photo over here: the band shared the same manager as jimi hendrix whom they toured the u.s. and europe with. they released four lp’s on polydor, jimi produced the first called ‘the street giveth … and the street taketh away’.

he played the haam benefit at heb and down on guadeloupe the last couple years with his sideman, bob schmidt, “doppler bob”, on slide and dobro, who will be playing with us on tuesday at a haam benefit show down on w. slaughter and singing a couple songs of roy’s, in his honor, and to thank haam for helping him in his struggle with cancer in the last year. join us for lunch down there, have a sub sandwich (have you had one? i havent, will have to finally try one next week!)