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(photos from austinist.com)

sorry about the lamo thing using another site’s pix for this entry, its just 1) i did see some signage downtown when we were registering up under one of the tents that no cameras or video or whatev would be allowed at the race—????— that’s what we thought, and 2) since i still have this concussion thing i knew that even though i wouldnt be dashing heavy off the startline that i still didnt want to have to keep track of my little digi since i hate carrying anything at all walking around. otherwise i wouldve brought it just to discuss one of my goddamn amendments with the nazis when they asked for my papers. man! no smoking in outdoor queus, no taking pix of public events (tiananmen sq or what?), etc etc. damn. however,

austin came in second for average running time worldwide–how groovy is that 😉 not that i was in a hurry–ive got this little recovery thing on with my concussion and spine etc so i walked the event and came in at the tail end with the official cop cars trailing us in. it was a gorgeous evening in austin even though apparently the gustav storm was worrying folks along the gulf. there was a moment given to friends there, at the start. apparently the governor was due to turn up and then didnt because of preparation for the effects of the storm. and lance armstrong whose org livestrong was on the list of groups to run for was supposedly somewhere among us; i didnt see him. but apparently he came in at 5 minutes under the best time at 34-something. i was at 2:10’05” 😉 not exactly yer five-minute mile. there was a blackout on picture-taking too or i might have some shots…how odd is that? a blackout on a public event. or was it a media/sponser promo (nike, champion, etc?)

it was a river of runners and we were all there ostensibly to support one charity or research organization or another. i dont believe much in charities or most medical research organizations. i try to make sure to have charity as often as possible. sometimes i suppose i fail but i try not to wait for a major holiday or to make a donation — mostly just respond to people around me when they cross my path. which is why i loved the name of the event so much and being in that group felt.. well, just like joining the human race. there was a rendition of the national anthem (which maybe we need to rethink?) which i was confused about, supposedly sung for friends along the gulf. i am as uncomfortable with organized patriotism as i am with organized religion, ive seen and heard about the abuse of the format enough to be mighty circumspect. but getting to stand in a large crowd of people lending human concern? smiling and jostling and looking a little serious and getting ready for a collective activity? –so much better than war! so much better than pro sports! but of course a great idea! maybe we need to congregate– i do! and to stand together. sure is nice. not against something, for something. running towards it, in fact.