crazy amazing movie from french new wave daze, wilhelmina wiggins fernandez was so wicked. i think the costume designer won a cesar that year for the look of the thing. it was called diva. that and subway were the killer-illers of the harvard square theatre four-movie lineup days, with anything else by luc besson and maybe something with patrick deweare in it. great movie.


there’s a suite for flute by rampal juliet can knock out of the park so far there’s no park left. she studied with a student of rampal in ny for some time, and it’s a favorite… cant get the tune out of my head. she’s been doing the backup vocals on the last two records and her voice is even better than her flute.








i have a spectacular concussion at present, and we did this show with me searching for the synapse which would send a little information to my fingertips and make the chords go round and the pick stay put. man. dont try this at home.


having always been a little cagey, i wonder if: i am choozing the wright thing, and whether or not i am a sirius sort of person or not, and if i reely love what i love. knowhatimean? jk. (sort of)