“Looking from the land of Biscay
over Ocean to the sky
On the far-beholding foreland
paced at even grief and I.
There, as warm the west was burning
and the east uncoloured cold,
Down the waterway of sunset
drove to shore a ship of gold.
Gold of mast and gold of cordage,
gold of sail to sight was she,
And she glassed her ensign golden
in the waters of the sea.

Under hill she neared the harbour,
till the gazer could behold
On the golden deck the steersman
standing at the helm of gold,
Man and ship and sky and water
burning in a single flame;
And the mariner of Ocean,
he was calling as he came:
From the highway of the sunset
he was shouting on the sea,
‘Landsman of the land of Biscay,
have you help for grief and me?”

(from more poems XLVI)




of course, grief never answers. duh. me has to work it out for himself. great poem. one of my dad’s favorites. happy father’s day, dad.



here’s a writeup someone did about clear channel monopoly whose booking model wants you to forget there ever was such a thing as actual MUSIC.

(photography by devan mulvaney)


and some dolla dolla bill, y’all. great use of the music video medium. this and dave matthews’ eh hee and any hand held DIY shot thing.

great fun these listening party things. i think of them as the new radio hour like back in the day when the whole world was clustered around the dial in the living room to hear the latest from churchill or de gaulle or maybe the bell telephone hour. not that its churhill or ed sullivan but its possible to have a similar feel because i guess im wondering: is anybody listening to radio anymore? its so different to just listen and not get hypnotized by the three-second interval of tv. very cool.