spent the day down at a house party for some seriously worthy musicians here in town for a residency. down in shady hollow, land of the burbs and the folks who stay down under for whatever reason. and then there are those of us who travel, who roam a little, and record, and play, in search of a way to do everything better (hopefully) and even more lovingly than we thought we could. for all our hunger, out want, we are what we have wanted to be, and that’s free. from tyrannical uncomfortable non-artistic life.

utah phillips just died. his wife joanna, his kids, his family- write them. they must miss him terribly. the family want to donate funds to hospitality house in grass valley– a worthy, worthy thing in his name. funny, aint it, how life will find you out? and then make everything right! here’s the link to the shelter, or, more directly, his family. and the official obit here,


my friend who lives in grass valley wrote me back to say yes, that her town had celebrated his life in a huge way today. about 800 or more met at the park and there were stories, songs, prayers, you name it — john mccutcheon flew in, etc dot dot dot.

we are doing a show on wednesday over at a little cafe on east 5th, come by and throw something in the tip jar, and we’ll send it on to hospitality house for him. and join a chorus of the song i’m gonna do for him, one of his- do you know it?