that’s a wynton marsalis quote. aaron was reading his autobiography when he was in town this week. did you know duke ellington kept his band on the road for forty years? you know how much style that takes? and suit cleanings? 😉 that was one big band. anyway, we dropped in on the koop benefit on easter evening where they were having a songwriters in the round with carolyn, shelly, guy, dan, and put together by koop and that lovely yoga instructor rocker wendy. i hadnt heard guy or dan before, or shelly or wendy neither. so delicious, so helpful, to hear players playin it. in the round. koop: stronger than dirt. go here to help them rebuild the station.



we got to lay down some music while he was here and since i’m like a piece of paper at the moment that was enough. and he sang too- its been awhile since ive heard his songs live. good brother. we got to have that rare thing comparing notes at the kitchen table-the road, band breakups, boyfriends, girlfriends, music the unholy mistress who wont let you go no matter how many times you leave.