so this morning it looks like clinton has taken a lead in polls in the primaries. and that’s interesting.

i know a lot of really great minds who have told me they are not voting this year. which doesnt surprise. the atmosphere in this country is so disgustingly apathetic and also witch-hunt-y– its hardly a climate to feel inspired or vocal in. i hear that the college crowd is feeling it for obama, but havent yet heard why. he seems as good a mouthpiece as any i guess, and certainly the videographers have made good use of cutting and pasting an important agenda on him with name faces to advocate for whatever position he apparently espouses. it would be fun to vote for him, kinda like american idol, but with politics.

i looked at youtubes campaign videos that google hosted- ron paul, clinton, obama mainly. just to see if anything was happening in their discourses. hmm. maybe. maybe not. but i can say this: if youre not going to do something about the catastrophic lack of vision and the hopelessly cynical manipulations of the media god we all pray to, then get up off your fat ass and participate in the voting. if youre not going to start a new party, or create a platform of some kind to counter the whole 1984 thing that is going on, make a damn choice about what is already on the table and vote. its not enough to just forgo or cave in to the big nothing.

did you ever read the never ending story by michael ende? or see the movie? well, do. thats what im talking about. it IS a big nothing, all the wizard of oz mechaninations. so? SO? wtf? its the same thing the world over, in every category of interest. theres a bigass nothing going on and you have no business leaning back into the idea that your voice isnt heard or significant or just plain your responsibility to use. cut back on the soma.

i esp hear from like my parents generation that they arent going to vote. are you kidding? who the fuck else actually remembers when there were actual people actually saying real shit? that inspired people? what am i supposed to tell my daughter? dont be ridiculous. i dont really think that hillary has any more moral ground to stand on than the new poster boy for hollywood or ron paul for that matter. im hugely uncomfortable that ron paul for instance feels free to wax loudly on the whole issue of abortion and right to life of a fetus/baby while maintaining his cool on all the other topics he says hes just strictly a constitutional man on. thats gross. aside from the fact that i completely disagree with what hes saying about it. yup, i do. not only is it ridiculous to have a federal position on the issue, its ridiculous to have his opinion on it. thats my opinion. never mind that the entire “topic” completely infantilizes women, its hilarious to imagine this man getting noisy about that– like, where’s his platform instead on a federal or state law requiring men to wear a fucking condom or be legally responsible for the children they bring in? for as many abortions that take place in the world, that’s how many men youd have to police with their condoms, the same number exactly, equal ratio. right, there’s some shit to think about.

how bout the fact that if you look up the candidates positions on the various laws that have been put before them to vote on since they have been in a position to do so, and hillary’s idea of getting out the war in iraq is to bring the troops home by 2020 or some nonsense? did you know obama agrees with her?

i make no bones about the fact that there are precious little things to respect about the folks who are currently standing up to be voted on, but i will make my choice. in the first state i have ever lived in which has voted republican in these election things since i was born i think, maybe before, im going to have to vote what makes the best sense to me. even if its only to see as best a change as i can imagine since i havent started any new party or decided to run myself. its grotesque to imagine i have any choice– we will all have to live the consequences, together, either way.