Fall 2015

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Spring 2015
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Late August 2014
Scheduling tour dates for late 2015, check back on the Shows page to see as they become available or sign up for the newsletter for updates.

Springtime 2013
A double-volumn of traditional spirituals and folk songs called Songs My Mother Sang, Vols 1&2 will be available for pre-ordering on May 15th, just in time for Mother’s Day. A tribute to my mother’s life and the songs she sang for us, we recorded this earlier in the year in Los Angeles. My brother, Aaron Gilmartin, and daughter Juliet both sing and play on it among some other folks. The CD will not be released until summer so buy up your copy now- and let us know what you think.

There will be a couple of videos for a couple tracks also available next spring and bonus tracks on the cd* when it’s released. Check out the Music page for more details.

*Vol 2 bonus tracks avail as part of digital download album only.

Summertime 2012

Roots Music Report’s for the Week of June 26, 2012 included Jenn’s Minstrel’s Daughter on two charts:  Folk Top 50 & Texas: Roots Radio Airplay Chart

Tuesday June 26th at 7 PM PST marks the premier of Season 1, Episode 8 of popular webseries Once You Leave by Austin filmmaker Nate Locklear, about the adventures of a young woman searching for her soul. Includes a few songs off the Sovereign album, check out the series and the music!

Join the filmmakers and cast for a live Twitter chat online before and after the premiere  at @OnceYouLeave and find out some behind the scenes deets you wouldn’t otherwise hear, see you there 😉 Oh, and for those of you who need to know, make sure you tell your friends it’s a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) episode- it has some nudity and a lovemaking scene, might give your boss the impression you like that sort of stuff.

Recent radio play: thanks to Joe Pszonek in Upper Montclair, NJ (RADIO NOWHERE WMSC 90.3FM Sundays 7-10 PM EST), Kellie Martin of Acoustic Pie Blog: All about Singer-Songwriters located at for including “Dido” on her Top 20 and‘s new Discover and Uncover! feature of “Homeland”- thanks, DJs!

Spring 2012

  • Upcoming release Heyday EP is set for March 22, get Pre-orders on Amazon MP3 store or iTunes (or drop by The Store over here )
  • Hpaay…oops! Happy New Year, everybody! Make sure to check out the last days of the New Year Sale over in The Store, ALL albums and songs for …. well, a song 😉 xoxo
  • Release Oct 22, 2011 of Stephen McCarthy’s Dear Alice cd, available now on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud
  • Big fat August CD blowout sale: click on blue $5 Sale box on upper right corner of any album page on sale page for sale price via store link.
  • Grammy takes care of it’s own: MusiCares event Feb 10th, 2011 Honoree concert for contributions to uninsured musicians project
  • “Homeland” and “Gods & Nations” on Neil Young’s Living With War Today song page
  • Sovereign review by Leicester Bangs
  • “Sweet Folk Chicago” on WFMT with local folk luminary/guest host Andrew Calhoun of Waterbug Records Son Dec 4, 7 pm CST streaming. Jenn’s “Me and Abigail” featuring Jeff Rady’s guitar work included in the evening’s lineup…
  • KYRS 92.3 FM’s Crossroads Radio out of Spokane, WA, Crossroads Bob (Rice)’s live interview w/ Jenn 12/12 @ 1-3 pm PST
  • Sovereign, the new album of solo acoustic songs by listener request, out on iTunes in June. Recorded live in Brooklyn, reviewed by Leicester Bangs back in October.
  • New Folk And Acoustic Music review out June 18th by Frank Gutch Jr (we love you, Frank Gutch Jr!xo)
  • Minstrel’s Daughter available at Waterbug Records, Waterloo Records in Austin and in the UK at Smart Choice Music and as downloads on iTunes, so: Get your Christmas lists done early!

Winter 2010

From Leonard Peltier Project on Kickstarter
One band, one producer, many vocalists fronting songs on a compilation album. Many of the artists from Seattle or scattered about the American West.

Who we are
The Black Market Collective started as a soundtrack project for a film about injustices perpetrated against the Native American population. The songs written for for the film were taken from stories of actual documented abuses experienced on reservations across the US, particularly Leonard Peltier’s story and the Pine Ridge Reservation. The album concept was inspired by Ry Cooder’s work with the Buena Vista Social Club: one vision, one band, many composers and vocalists in front.
Musician-producers Eric Anders and Matt Brown brought a band together in a tiny studio in a Seattle neighborhood over a number of weeks in the winter and spring of 2009/10 to back the artists contributing songs to the project. What resulted is a unique crossing of indie rock in a broad Americana landscape, backed by the Black Market Collective band in a group of energetic songs about injustice and the healing of it.
Who’s involved
The backing band is a roundup of great Seattle players including Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Sera Cahoone) on electric guitar, Matt Brown (Trespassers William) on lap steel, Lindsay Fuller on acoustic guitar, Rebecca Young (North Twin, Ian Moore) on bass, and Andy Roth (Wayne Horvitz, Zony Mash) on drums. Filling the frame are friends and songwriting collaborators who had worked previously with both Eric and Matt:
Sugarplum Fairies
The Sister Ruby Band
Son of the Velvet Rat
Jennifer Leonhardt
Lindsay Fuller
Brian Ledford and the Cadillac Desert
Trespassers William (Matt’s band)
Eric Anders
The album
The album will include original songs written by the above artists, and additional unreleased tracks by Eric Anders and Jennifer Leonhardt, all backed by the BMC band. Songs include Lindsay Fuller’s “Big White Lie”, Brian Ledford’s “Ten by Eight”, Sugarplum Fairies “Jumped the Gun”, Sister Ruby Band’s “Black Hills of South Dakota” and remakes of Jennifer Leonhardt’s “Homeland” and Trespassers William’s “The Lids”.
What we need
Seventeen songs in all got recorded before the film and music projects parted ways (that’s a whole ‘nother story), and we are now looking for funds to complete final vocals, mixing, mastering, marketing, print CDs, hustle labels and get it out to the marketplace. We are budgeted to complete all this with the remaining $8000 we are trying to raise, so we’re hoping that YOU might consider throwing something at the effort, large or small, so it can be done!
What YOU can do!
Listen to the songs up on ReverbNation (12 songs) or Myspace (10 songs), and consider becoming a part of the project yourself by backing us! Part of the donations to our project will be going to National Relief Charities (NRC), a nonprofit dedicated to quality of life for Native Americans living on remote and poverty-stricken reservations in the Plains and Southwest, which we hope to bring additional attention to with the album. If we shoot higher than our current dollar mark, half the additional proceeds will get donated by our project to them as well.

(um, hello, cool december- 

got a mad crush on u. keep talking to northerners who’re getting snow. fortunately there’s always navigating the xtras on wrdprss, so that’s something. one person, bob up spokane way, who will be chatting w me on the radio in a week or so (see Shows for a week sunday) is buried in it. feet, i’m talking. some folks have all the luck. not to mention andrew up chicago way (again, see Shows for this sat’s radio), betcha anything: buried. watch it fall outcher window if you’re in that neighborhood of the country, -nice’n’it? thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful holiday, everybody! 

love, jenn)